May 26, 2009

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GSIS more than a scam…?

WINSTON GARCIA…GSIS most famous name mentioned by the teachers and government employees, the name you can not trust. CONSOLE Loan is the number one topic, discussed every where even in the garbage dumpsite. The teachers received the lowest paid human in terms of salary status, “noble job” God’s call? New hero of today’s digital age.

Teacher’s one thing that can make them happy for this month of JUNE is to enroll their school children in just even in below average kind of Colleges. To let their children meet the most simple educational attainment of life. One thing that the teacher’s hoping for is to avail the promise CONSOLE loan for teachers. But, unfortunately what happen,? GSIS Digital machine is always on the mode of “SERVER if BUSY “. This word ( server is busy) is the most simple answer to the heart breaking problem of teachers. ”Education” for their children, very basic needs of Teachers.

1. Check your Digital machine (computerized GSIS transaction). Put oil, overhaul ,or clean your machine it,s not normal your digital set-up always answering , “server is busy” or the reality is “ NO MONEY”.
2. Make a one page of “SORRY note” that you can not do your job in simple way ever.

To the President of the Philippine Republic, Is Mr. Winston Garcia an asset to your administration or a big LIABILITY?


batang buotan said...

I am not speaking in behalf of Winston Garcia nor in behalf of GSIS but here's what I know:

GSIS system crashes because of IBM’s DB2 database software. And GSIS is now coordinating with IT experts for possible replacement of the software.

Under Winston Garcia, GSIS consolidated net operating revenues grew to P41.56 billion — the highest in the history of GSIS and the highest in any enterprise, both private and public.

And also under Garcia, GSIS fund becomes stronger because of capital gains from the GSIS's investment portfolio. This means, under Garcia, GSIS invest wisely the members money.

Anonymous said...

Hardware or Software damage still ....Unrealistic for (GSIS).
Until this time the GSIS has not yet submitted their answers to the honorable investor of the Philippine Republic.So, that we can help Winston Garcia to look for EXPERT do the most simple job in computer dealings.
( "so elementary job")
The big problem is; if it's not HARDWARE or not a SOFTWARE problem,I'm pretty sure the problem is Internal affairs,and Financial matters, that,s it.
I don't know if my intuition is right.Even in the media information "NO DEAL" or "NO AIR" about the side of the event of the problems about loans and a lot of things to be discussed about GSIS.the old time claims of retirees? the records?hummmm a lot. and it's not proper to say "because of IBM's DB2 data base software?" i dont think so.It's easy to fix this matter, very simple and basic.The truth is a growing revenues of GSIS is not not the "genuisity" of Winston Garcia...but it's the growing number of retirees has not yet given their benefits and a delayed payments of claims, until now...a lot of recepient suffered a lot. SOFTWARE is not the reason,that's the truth.
NOTE: Winston Garcia please show on T.V. and explain your alibis...simple as that.


Anonymous said...

The GSIS Fund is STRONG?
The above statement...still a big Question and Falsely stated.
the right statement runs like this;
"The GSIS fund is Strong to be availed from GSIS."


Anonymous said...

1. How much Winston Garcia receive from his monthly salary from being the president of the GSIS?...How about his allowance?

Traffic enforcer

batang buotan said...

@Anonymous: I respect you opinion but I still stand on my facts. It's nice to assert something without the need to hide identity. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

IBM will file a P200-million libel suit against GSIS
GMANews.TV - Thursday, June 4

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MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine unit of computer giant IBM will file a P200 million libel suit against the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) after it reaped “unwarranted public attacks" from the state-run pension fund. IBM’s local unit has begun legal actions to “vigorously defend" its reputation, the company said in a statement. Last month, the state-run pension fund for public employees blamed IBM for a software application that has delayed transactions of 20,000 of its estimated members. The software application is reportedly part of GSIS’ Integrated Loans, Membership, Acquired Assets and Accounts Management System (Ilmaams). “We cannot stand by and allow our company's reputation to be tarnished by blatantly inaccurate and misleading accusations," IBM said in a statement. “This is an action that we do not take lightly. IBM has been in operations in the Philippines for more than 70 years, and has over 7,000 employees. During this time, we have built our business by upholding the highest level of corporate ethics and integrity. Anything less would betray the trust that clients, citizens and governments place in us every day." "Our preference is to work constructively with our clients and our business partners to address any and all issues they may have, in a spirit of mutual cooperation and partnership. Unfortunately, the deliberately libelous actions by the GSIS leave IBM with no other course of action," IBM added. For its part, GSIS believed the upgrade only worsened the problem as the database began mishandling data, which prevented its simultaneous use. Earlier, Consuelo Manansala, GSIS executive vice president for operations, said the crashes could not come at a worst time for 1.5 million GSIS members and pensioners because May and June are peak months for loans and benefits since these are enrollment and school opening seasons. GSIS chief legal counsel Estrella Elamparo also said the pension fund is mulling to file charges against IT contractor Questronix Corp. and IBM. Questronix director for business solutions Bert L. Bartolome allegedly wrote in a May 15 letter to the GSIS that IBM database software called IBM DB2 is the root cause of the crash based on the findings of the computer giant's laboratories in Canada. Citing the report, GSIS said the overflow caused DB2 to "lose certain information in the leading byte and data may end up in the wrong table, resulting in subsequent page corruptions." - Ruby Anne M. Rubio, GMANews.TV

Anonymous said...

Waaaaa... I have to put my youngest sibling to school because my retired mother, a teacher, cannot get her retirement benefits from GSIS. She's already old and trying to do everything she can to take care of it. Two of my brothers are out of school for already two years. I wish I have time to help her, but I have my own job to attend to.

anak ng guro said...

Mga anak ng guro at mga guro comment tayo dito! GSIS scams! Maraming mga out-of-school-youth dahil sa mga scam ng >>> GSIS <<< !!!

Anonymous said...

aba malapit ng mag July sana ayusin na nila yang !@#$%^ nilang server kailangan ba nila ng buong taon para ayusin yan. napakabagal naman nila !@$%^& wala yata talagang pera gsis nagiipon pa ng collection para may maipaloan...kelangan namin ng pera. ang laki laki ng kaltas nila sa sweldo tapos ganyan sila ka-inutil !@#$%^&*.

inisnako said...

ano ba yan JULY na wala pa din ang site server busy aba wala na talaga silang balak magpaloan buwiset sila ilang buwan na silang ganyan ipakulong na lahat ng taga GSIS winawaldas nila ang pera natin buwisseeeetttt!!!!

Anonymous said...

MUCH better to HIDE identity..THAN TO HIDE PUBLIC MONEY....but the truth is i'm not hiding my identity i'm a teacher ,,legal member of GSIS,,,that's my introductory parts\ of my identity. how about GSIS W. GARCIA...???????

Anonymous said...

i would like to thanks the people who express their sentiments to this SITE...portray wonderful views...and maybe it answers our...questions.

Anonymous said...

MABUHAY ang Mga GURO>>>>!!!!! may increase ba???? hay....ok lang...DIOS na ang bahala


Anonymous said...

Sana makabahay naman ng desente ang mga GURO sa PILIPINAS...kaya nga ,,mga STUDYANTE very "cold" ang respect sa mga GURO kasi...70% sa mga GURO nakatira sa class 'A" eskwater place.YUNG iba nag retire na ,,,walang pambili ng medicina para sa HIGH BLOOD at DIABETES...kawawa naman NANAY ko.


Anonymous said...

talagang totoo yan.. kawawa ang mga Guro ngayon, nagtinda na lang yung iba ng ice candy, para madag-dagan ang kita.pambili ng salted fish or creamed salted mini-fish " ginamos bah"

alexander the great

KYLE REECE said...

grabe juzko baka naman aantayin pa nating matapos ang eleksyon bago magrelease ng pera... kung may marerelease nga dahil baka gamitin muna sa kung ano ano yang pera natin!!! nakakahighblood na sila grabe!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Manolito Del Rosario. I live at 4346 Calypso Terrace, Fremont, California 94555, USA. I am writing this on behalf of my father who is an active GSIS pensioner and currently lives with me here in the states.

In early January 2010, we tried to perform the annual renewal of my father’s e-card via the GVAP’s system. Needless to say it did not work. We tried again on numerous occasions on different dates, but failed miserably again and again, with the voice recording “telling us to see the nearest GSIS office to find out the problem on my father’s e-card renewal”. We tried contacting GSIS via e-mail but our letter was returned and remained electronically undelivered. We’ve asked around if there is any GSIS desk at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco but to no avail. We’ve researched on the web for the possible reason on the difficulty of the e-card renewal and there we found that the problem is due to the crash of the GSIS computer system, hence the GVAP’s kiosk is down.

Because of the absence of any temporary remedy that GSIS should have implemented in order to cope with the failings of their system. My father was forced to fly back to Manila to renew his e-card in person. This has caused him to spend his entire 2009 pension benefits that he had so meticulously saved just for his airfare to go back for this renewal.

I find this situation ridiculous and un-acceptable. GSIS have invested member’s funds to put up this supposed “state of the art” “the best in the word” pension benefit program (as the website claimed). Who is then responsible for the failings of this investment? To date we have not seen any announcement from GSIS that it will make good with the members and pensioners by indemnifying them for the cost impact that they have suffered due to the crash of their computer system. All we have seen so far are allegations, suit and countersuits between GSIS and IBM et al and while this is going on, members and pensioners like my father eat dusts. GSIS while sounding very apologetic (in their website) should be made responsible and accountable for whatever impact their action or in-action have caused all of its members and pensioners due to this issue.

This is also an open letter to all active Philippine GSIS Members and Pensioners who have been similarly impacted by the crash of GSIS computer system. I would like to encourage all of you to make noise and join forces together to make GSIS accountable for this yet again another Government Service Failing.

Anonymous said...

GSIS services are the reflections of how this government is working.
If the GSIS can not afford to give its members the honest to goodness services, what else can we expect from the government?

Anonymous said...

Winston Garcia Kadiri to death!

Anonymous said...

hanggang ngayon server busy pa rn GSIS.