Nov 22, 2007

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Update !! Update!!

just for a quick update!

uhmm.. for now im busy.. ehehe.. as always, busy sleeping.. at class.. just kidding.. for a long time, im back in school.. same course because my sister force me to go back to school and also my parents keeps on telling me to enroll for the second semester, now that my scholarship is gone. im paying my tuition with my own sweat.. hehe.. lisura ani oi!

uhmm.. no band gigs for a momment.. nahilom ang bisrock scene.. or basin ako ra ang nahilom..

my girlfriend is ok.. still, she wont talk and the only person she knew is her mother..
naay gamay nga improvement, mosabay sya kanta kung makadungog sya sa FM.. O_O

uhmm.. anything..???


wala na


batang buotan said...

back to school si tibor! hehehe..payt, lingaw man sab ang naa sa school..

we continue to pray for your love one..