Sep 5, 2008

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Addicted to Crane Game!!

For the past few months, i've been in to Arcades playing Drum Miniac or something like that and playing those shooting games. I remembered sometimes when I was just about 10 years old or so.. I won a small fish-stuffed-toy keychain just by playing those Crane Game Machine, you know what I mean? Did you notice something like a machine with stuffed toys in it and you control the crane push the button and the crane grabs the toy. ( it's a matter of luck if you can get it in just one try ) Well, I'm addicted to it.. and for the fact that all those Crane Game Machine are programmed to win or not to win a prize. Crane Game operators set the machine's crane on how strong or weak its grabbing power OR the machine have its quota set like you can't win if you just played once or twice.

Luckily i've won 3 stuffed toys this month.. i think.. hehehe..

Here is some video tips on how to win some Crane Game.


Tey said...

I used to be addicted on this but that was about 10 years ago..lols. thanks for sharing
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-bugsbunny- said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa... nyahahaha.. mao nga mura ka buang sige adto e mall og sm para anah!! harhar.. lamat sa mga stufftoys from crane games.. nyhahahaha