Jan 6, 2009

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Forgetful Tibor

Heck! I can't hardly recall what Christmas gift I gave to my Luvy - It was a RING... it took 6 hours for me to remember and also I was confused if I've claimed all of my paycheck or not. It took me 9 hours to remember that I spent my money like whoooooooozz.. gone and I'm stuck with my head telling I have another paycheck to claim.

Sigh.. I'm broke again.. No Money to spent going to Cagayan..


-bugsbunny- said...

mao nay imo luv, sau lagi tulog arn maka remember ka sa mga butang nga nahitabo nimo. hahhahahahha...

Tey said...

Hi Tiborsho or Blue or what.. Happy new Year
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clarence said...

effects of withdrawal.

ana man daw na ingon sila.

Tiborsho said...

heck withdrawal.. i dont do that anymore .. :p lol

-bugsbunny- said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... hahhahhahaha.. clarence buang.

clarence said...

@tibor @bugsbunny: