Feb 19, 2009

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Food Trip - Crazy Crepes to Rai Rai Ken to StarBucks

I finally got my 2 paycheck yesterday Tuesday, one from my salary and the other is the talent fee for the Valentines Day Concert at Ayala. I was having trouble in cashing my checks at BPI cause my Drivers License was not in my wallet and the only thing that I got is my Old USP ID, I'm sure it wasn't valid for cashing my checks. Where the HEELLL is my Drivers License!! Well, luckily I was the last costumer in BPI and they already closed the bank, it was 4:30PM the teller was in a hurry so she just grab my checks leaving my old school ID... that's a shock, normally they would inspect it ;)

The next day, Wednesday! The unplanned FoodTrip with my Luvy @ SM Northwing! xD

Food Trip Time!

Crazy Crepes - Dessert Comes First!


Rai Rai Ken - The Main Dish


California Maki (Yum~ Yum~)

Men... so ooooooisshiiiiiiiiiiiii! Haha! It got me BROKE AGAIN!

- Chillaxin~!

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Shoshana said...

Hey Tiborsho, komusta naman ka? I like going out and eating out...galing lang, mahal kung perme.

-bugsbunny- said...

haahaha.. mao jud. mahal au.. tsk..tsk.. pero na adik jd mi og coffee.. hahaiz... ka lami...

SHALEE said...

naglaway ku sah ice cream..huhuhu..