Mar 15, 2009

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Friendster versus Facebook

I've been a user of Friendster since my college days and it undergone many changes in their website. Just a month ago I signed up on another social site called Facebook. My Mom always asked me if I have a Facebook account cause many TV personalities already have Facebook.

Now, I have noticed Friendster's new updated feature just a week ago and I'm surprised it looks like the same feature with Facebook. You can see all that is happening on your friends account. Like.. updated profile, new shoutouts, new photos and comments from one their friends, even their not on your friends list you can see the updates. How troublesome is that? It's like the same with Facebook.

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It's kinda annoying.. Knowing that all the things you put oon your profile is being track by your friends on Friendster or Facebook. This video below shows what I mostly hate on Facebook.

This two Social Sites have been competing each other over popularity not thinking the effect to its users and having some privacy issues on this social sites. According to Luvy's post as of January 2009, Facebook is the top on Social Networks Ranking 2nd is Myspace and 3rd is Twitter.. Friendster drops 18th.


misswasted said...

bisan asa sa duha.. puro kapoi
kapoi login
kapoi updates
kapoi kapoi
maypa mag blog
lingaw pa

angal na sab ko tiborsho

SHALEE said...

makalagot nah btaw ron ang friendster..wla nay au..

wla mn koy facebook woi..hihihi..c'',)

Tiborsho said...

di na kaayo ko mag update kay makit-an daun nila.. hehe..

misswasted said...

so sa facebook ka nag tago?
new hide out ang facebook?
ako facebook delete nako
kai kapoi oi
kapoi update waa
pareha rang duha mga kapoi

mag blog nlang ta

Tiborsho said...

hehe.. di oi.. same ra! ahaha

ticoi said...

Quarrel all they want still myspace remains as the most popular social network worldwide.