Apr 24, 2009

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Cebu Local Hair Care

Cebu Local Hair Care

How do I take care of my hair?

If you ask me, since I was a kid my hair was as shiny and healthy it could get. Living in a province surrounded with vast resources of natures own hair moisturizer the coconut milk.

When I got to high school hair gel was the thing for the guys to make them look good, different hair style and looks. Hair gel, hair polish, hair cream, or any other product or substance but for the high school students, cheap hair gel that cost only 5 pesos were used, thus damaging their hair in the process including my hair too. I've heard that hair gel cause baldness, so I stop using it and let the barber cut my hair nearly bald or a skinhead haircut to get rid of those curly-dying hair of mine. As of now my hair grows normally but the shiny glow is gone. Somebody help me..

I've been surfing the net and I found out that www.hair.ph is holding a contest for all cebu-based bloggers. It's all about cebu local hair care..

Here's how..

You must be residing in Cebu and must have a blog of your own. The concept is simple, essentially you will have to write a post about “Cebu local hair care” which is also the keyphrase. A text link must be provided to www.hair.ph using the keyphrase. The blog post should range within 150-1000 words and should be informative and interesting. We dare you to be creative!

After you’ve made the post, send us an email at info[at]hair.ph with the following information: link to the post you’ve made, name, home address, phone and mobile number - this will officialize your blog entry. Who ever will rank first in www.google.com.ph for the keyphrase, “Cebu Local Hair Care” will be the our lucky winner.

This contest will end on May 15, 2009 at 8:00 am. The announcement of the winning entry will be an hour later. Winner will be posted on www.hair.ph website and will be notified by email.


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