May 26, 2009

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Best Politicians for 2010 Elections

Teachers, be careful…2010 Election is coming on the way. but our salary increase is out of way, until this time!!!. The topic of P 9,000 increase is just like a planet out of control, not rotating in it’s normal Orbit of the sun. Unfortunately, the topic of teachers salary increase, not even discussed in the House of Senate and Congress. As of the present, The scandalous debate Enrile and Pemintel in the house of senate, and the outstanding speech of Bong Revilla regarding the sex scandal (KHO and Halili)..IS THIS THE BEST ISSUE to be given weights for future progress of our country?

So, therefore in a “Unified Call” lets watch who among of the lawmakers can best deliver the strong “ PUSH” of the legislation of salary increase of teachers. 2010 Election is on the way…..Don’t forget POLITICIANS who support the old time claim for teachers salary increase.
We teachers can promise to increase the ( POLITICIANS) worldwide number of VOTES.



Anonymous said...

Grabeh jud bitaw, gamay raman jud na increase, ihatag intawon na ninyo.


Anonymous said...

malooy tawon mo....oy ihatag sad na

anak sa maestra

Anonymous said...

salary increase ,,,effective july 2009...same old story