May 22, 2009

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Hidden a'KO Scandal

“BONGs reaction and media presentation”

(Hidden aKO @ katre nahali-li six-scandal)

…..NUMERO UNO/ NUMBER ONE issue of today’s month fever…

BONG R. and media presentation is no other than focusing on Hayden and Halili sex scandal. Giving heavy reactions and sensationalizing the issue, in which a lot of questions was formally framed on my mind, the question runs like this; Which is scandalous? The growing number of hungry Filipinos? Corruptions in the government?”left and right”? Some SENATE and CONGRESS people bad mouth speeches? Personal GROOMING for 2010 Elections? Talking about sex scandals? Not a good strategy for future election.

For the Media side; keep on repeating the issue, showing the issue of sex scandal ( KO and Halili sex scandal ) in the entire 50% NEWS time.. it’s just simply adding more scandalous act ,by showing it to the public viewers ,keep on repeating, in which the people now become more excited and curious to see this NO sense SEX video.
I Just simply sight this kind of issue; The growing number of teachers claiming for dignified claim for salary increase, a “descent pay” for teachers as “TEACHER”.( 9 thousand staggered salary increase for 3 years ).
If the MEDIA and Politicians wanted to show concern for Filipino people, SEX scandals is not the NUMBER ONE / numero uno concerns of a certain fight for better Philippines. To make it short.

IF you want to gain the heart of a “WISE” Filipino voters.
IF you want to gain the heart of a “WISE” Filipino voters.
IF you want to gain the heart of a “WISE” Filipino voters.

SUGESTED Topics to be discussed in the Media FORUM, House of Senate and Congress;

1. SALARY Increase for Teachers
2. HOUSING Project for Teachers
3. Approve the salary increase for teachers

NOTE: Please discuss the above mentioned TOPICS ... and you’ll become a new Filipino HERO
Filipino Hero means….best and good mouth politicians…no fear to project balance views , not corrupt and inept media people.