May 22, 2009

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Kho Scandal and Brigada Eskwela 2009

Wow... What a nice idea…"brigada skwela" …perfect,!!! Bravo.. But sad to say in our school ,,I don’t know or feel the greatness of brigada skwela.
So, Why? What’s the matter..? The program is like a fire same as the HOTTY fire of Kho sex scandal, which brigada skwela was completely outraged and vanished out more than by a cyclone sex scandal.
By the way, Non-sense ISSUE. What I want to drive-out is, in our school brigada skwela is nothing but checking of attendance of the large number of brigade compose of “parents and students” and some of them are relatives and friends of the certain students who wants to enroll this school year 2009. Lets be fair, why brigada skwela in our school is nothing, but a joke.

Firstly ,how could parents and students do some repairs in our school there’s no supply of Nails, wood, plywood, paint and other materials needed for brigada skwela? As promised by the city hall people, to release this materials before brigada skwela happen ,in order to appease some basic needs for repair. No materials came but a smoky promise.
Secondly , how could the parents do the repairs? There’s no materials coming.? What a funny activities after simple sweeping the floor, do some scrubbing, waxing the floor, mopping and cleaning the toilet, and the most awaited part is getting the attendance sheet, after doing some simple “household chores routine” in the house, for at least one hour and go home after having signed the holy attendance sheet. hahahahhaha…funny but scandalous more than Kho scandal. Maybe , the government people is so busy watching the Kho’s sex video scandal and forgot the real issue?

Questions to Answer:

1. Where can we claim the materials as promised by the government for Brigada Skwela ?
2. To ABS CBN ,GMA 7 and other media personel, please change the FOCUS of your camera; stop viewing those Kho’s sex scandal, your seducing the televiewers , a lot of monors watching,your adding more injury to our viewers and listeners, that’s a non sense issue .be concern of the issues of the brigada skwela .
3. How to support Brigada Skwela in the future?