Jul 4, 2009

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Computerization 2010 Election

High TECH. computers...can solve VOTE buying?...massive killings of political leaders ? campaigners?Black propaganda.? media - publicity?.or any kind of publicity?..and a more...etc.
If no one will sacrifice for the good of the country, concerted effort must be done to portray honest and clean election.I think....still the same as we have experienced of yesterdays years gone by.The same BAD old story.Everybody's claiming for they are the best politicians.....so ,where are they now?...they are already holding the reign of the head of the crown of on non -stop power.Monopolizing,,,and political dynasty,,,extending hold over local and national position.DIRTY.Let's wait and see...I'm pretty sure...the same again.Corrupt leaders = poor country PHILIPPINES.Amen


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this was a disaster were in it got delays and half of the total number of voters did not make it to void because of the delay.

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it was a waste of money and effort and the whole process was not really being planned out well.