Jul 12, 2009

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Killings back to “NORMAL” ???...in Cebu and Mandaue City

LBC express in Guizo robbery and murder – FR. Jovencio Rabusa of Naga robbery and murder. This incident is a reported case, how about some plenty of incidents happened un-reportedly, for some people afraid and some people will just charge it “GABA or KARMA” for some not interested to pursue the solution of the case ,,because it might add to more expenses and disturbances to their hectic schedule of works. That’s why “TULISAN and killers” are jubilant in perpetuating these barbaric activities.
Last three years ago, plenty of reports about “KILLER of ROBBERS” this about vigilante. Newspapers are colored of this front page news about “KILLERS of ROBBERS” The Church people is the number one who go against of this issues “ KILLERS of ROBBERS” but now they are also victim of this people. Killing people without due process of law is inhuman and unjust, but what kind of people being killed, and how about some peoples right to live? Concern people acted upon this issue and kill people whom they knew that they are ROBBERS and KILLERS. Immediate justice acted upon to criminals, no expensive dealings to be resolved in court. Correct?

Which is better “KILLER of Robbers” or “Robbers and KILLERS”???...
It’s obvious to say, which lesser evil to choose. But today, we clearly observed that KILLERS of ROBBERS are not showing their force, they are not the star of the crime scene but, it’s the “ROBBERS and KILLERS” are now on the “GO”… sad and funny to think. The wide spreading analysis therefore conclude that, BAD elements THRIUMP? No, let’s not put on this way. Let’s open our eyes and mind and think…”KILLERS OF ROBBERS” where are you now? Sorry, if that’s what some people think. AMEN


Rolly said...

Musta dong. Judge me not for saying this. I think the vigilantes are doing the right thing, thus, eliminating the ruthless evils in the community. It's because if you let them to be tried as what we called our justice system, who will know they can escape the prosecution and set off free again which is another menace to the people.
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