Aug 9, 2009

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…Is just an “old time music recording”

Just simply ask the teachers if they are happy upon receiving the increase of salary. And I’m sure the answer of the teachers is just saying “ May Bukas Pa.”What a funny answer. SURVEY institution please conduct a survey on this issue. TITLE: Teachers… ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THE INCREASE

Script from: GURO na walang BAHAY 18 years in government service


ruben rallos said...

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the voluntary teachers in the provinces and other parts of the country were education is hard should be the first one to be prioritized when it comes to salary increase. Since its not easy to live on those places were transportation and communication is very hard.

skincare said...

this teachers deserve more than just the amount they are paid. Since some of the are really sincere in there work and sharing the knowledge they have on there students.