Aug 9, 2009

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Upon hearing sound reasoning and appreciation of the different sides of explanations…, WILLY REVILLAME is in good side of explanation. For me I’m not a fanatics of Willy nor a fan viewer of WOWOWIE. But to the new controversy being entangled with a famous noontime show host, is just a plain “NOTHING ISSUE”.
The TRUTH is ,,,the POLITICIANS who visited during the wake of the Late Pres. Cory Aquino who acted an artistic drama , visit and bleed their tears then viewed in T.V. that as if…they are CORY’S Patrons of Democracy and Honesty in public service. I don’t think if Willy or Politicians who are Plastic in Nature… if …or maybe they are the one doing the “ PAMBABASTIOS kay Cory “ What I mean those Politicians who visited Cory’s wake, yet until now, we know much publicly that they are not doing the Cory’s essentiality. We have observed wisely that… Politicians who are viewed in T.V. doing some grand entrance …on the parade of giving the last respect and viewed Cory for the last time…I think this people are doing “pambabastos”.. because in real life they are still in the other side of Cory’s advocacy. Corrupt, dishonesty in public service, disloyal to the country. hungry of political powers ,,,in short The TRUE people who are “NAMBABASTOS” kay Cory. Think of it ,for it’s not yet too late to reconcile the real issues .WHO???

REDPARROT I wish for a comment on this issue


neck cream said...

Willy is just a big head and arrogant kind of person.