Apr 6, 2016

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RODEO GRILL Barbecues & Sizzlers

I'm a fan of anything barbecue or sizzling foodies so for these food review let just have my recommendations of what I like.. ;) Introducing Rodeo Grill Barbecues & Sizzlers located at SM City Cebu 2nd floor near the round stairs, Rodeo Grill serves a mix of American (Cowboy) and Filipino style food. The place is themed a Saloon style the one you see on cowboy movies ;)
So without further ado.. here is my top recommendation of food from Rodeo Grill considering the taste and value ;)
1. Texas Sizzling Chicken - Php169
2. Arkansas Tender Ribs - Php269 Man Size / Php199 Gurl Size
3. Sgt Pepper Sizzler - Php219 Man Size / Php169 Gurl Size
4. Barrel Man Squid - Php239
5. Tennessee Sizzling Shrimps - Php319
6. Lone Ranger Talong (I say, Talong Ranger) - Php89
7. Crispy Hay Noodles - Php169
8. Black Stallion Crispy Pata - Php399
9. Coffee Float
10. Mango Ice Box Cake - Php119