Jun 22, 2016

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How to Livestream PC to Facebook Live

Planning to do a live stream from your PC to your Facebook Page?


You need a video encoding software for this to work. You can use any video encoding software you like but the best for me is OBS Studio.

1. First login to your Facebook, go to your Page and select Publishing Tools in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the Video Library under the Videos section.

3. Click the +Live to begin configuring you live stream.

4. For OBS Studio what you need is the Stream Key from Facebook so you need to copy it.

Now let's setup your OBS Studio

1. Click Settings in OBS Studio then click Stream on the left.

2. Select Streaming Services as Stream Type and Facebook Live as the service

3. Paste the Stream Key from Facebook that you copy over Stream Key.

4. Click Apply and Ok.

In your OBS Studio, you need to Add the Sources of your livestream ex. Webcam, Monitor Screen or from your Gaming Window.

Then click Start Streaming in OBS

Back to your Facebook, it should say "Fetching video stream" and you can check a preview of your stream before posting it.

And if you're good to go. Click Go Live :) Enjoy Streaming ;)

Click here to visit my Facebook Page if you have more questions or just comment below. Thanks


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